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Terra Therapy earthing and grounding sheets video


Harness the Earth's energy for unparalleled health and rejuvenation

What is Earthing?

From the dawn of time, humans have stood, strolled, sat, and slept on the ground -- our skin touching the earth.

This connection served to transfer the Earth's healing energy into our own body. In recent times, our lifestyle has severed this connection to nature, and left us vulnerable to inflammation, stress, pain, sickness, and poor sleep.

Grounding, also known as Earthing, is a scientific rediscovery that restores our link to Nature and leads to a variety of benefits such as improved sleep, stress relief, reduced inflammation and pain, better mood, and increased energy.

The easiest way to stay grounded

In today's world, It can be hard to find the time to walk barefoot, on the ground, for several hours each day. Not having this connection with the Earth leads to many different health issues, many of which cannot even be solved by traditional medicine. Join the thousands of people globally who are reaping the rejuvenating benefits of earthing, all from the comfort of their beds, with our Earthing Bedsheets.


Improved Sleep Quality

Dive into deep, restorative sleep

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Ground Stress, elevate serenity

Pain free living

Experience relief through earth's energy

Energized days

Earth's charge revitalizes your energy and improves your mood

Unlock The Secret of Natural Healing and Vitality

Our conductive grounding bed sheets act as an extension cord connecting directly to the Earth, allowing you to reap the many benefits of grounding while you sleep.

Terra Therapy

Harness the Earth's healing energy while you sleep

Our Earthing Sheets are crafted using organic high thread count cotton and conductive natural silver to ensure maximum comfort and conductivity of free electrons from the Earth directly to your skin.

Join the thousands of people globally who are reaping the rejuvenating benefits of earthing from the comfort of their own beds.



5/5 rating

Will be getting a second set

I would wake up sore every day but since using these I get out of bed like I did in my twenties. I would also rarely dream, but now i'm dreaming every night and waking up feeling rested. The most amazing thing i've noticed is that my wife used to complain almost everyday about our mattress and how uncomfortable it was - She hasn't made a peep since we got these sheets! I'm a believer and will definitely be getting a second set.

Dave S.



I've had lower back/sciatic nerve pain for a little over a year now. I've used pain patches, and pain killers which I don't want to rely on. I also get some temporary relief from using my hangup inversion table. Ever since I started using this grounding bed sheet, I have had to use any of the other pain relievers. I wish I had known about this therapy earlier.

Emma D.


I think this actually works

I know a little bit about grounding/earthing, but I live in a high rise building and rarely get any barefoot contact with grass (going to work on this this spring/summer). I really wasn't sure if this was going to work, but I think it really does. I am definitely going to continue using these sheets.

Erica M.


Best sleep ever! I love it

I can see a significant difference in the way I feel when i wake up. I've been having some neck pain recently and falling asleep and waking up were difficult because my neck was constantly stiff and sore. I've felt much more relaxed since I've started using this sheet set. I also feel much more energetic throughout the day. 100% worth it and would recommend this brand.

Liam G.


From skeptic to believer!

I work in healthcare and i bought these sheets hoping to help decrease inflammation in my husband's body. I wasn't expecting to get much benefit from these sheets myself, but I instantly noticed the change in energy flowing through my body after the first day. My husband also absolutely loves them and now wanst to get the pillowcases as well. I truly believe they are helping. And this is coming from somoene that was very skeptical about the benefits of grounding.

Silviana C.


Unexpected but positive results

I've had positive results with the Grounding Mat for a couple years and I can attest to its effectiveness while I work at a computer for 10+ hours a day. Last week I added the grounding sheet to my bed and I am amazed with the results even after a few days. I notice I am getting more rest during sleep and I am no longer waking up feeling groggy. The most interesting thing is I've noticed since I started sleeping on the grounding sheet, I am remembering my dreams again. That hasn't happened for many years and its having a positive effect on my mood as well. I am so thankful this technology exists! It's already making a big difference in my sense of well being.

James H.


Electron Elated!

Watched Earthing: the movie. Husband was skeptical but we sat outside barefoot for 30 minutes a day for a few weeks and he was convinced of the validity of the grounding claim. As it isn't possible to sit outside everyday and wanting to earth for a longer time, we ordered sleeping mats. We also purchased foot mats to use while sitting at a desk or on a footstool while relaxing with a book, adding even more grounding time into our day. Results after the first week: Sleep has improved, waking alert, refreshed and energized. Less leg muscle spasms, better circulation, overall improvement in life satisfaction. Very happy with our Terra products.

Peggy A.


Earthing in the Tour de France

"Earthing technology helped accelerate tissue repair and wound healing from injuries sustained throughout the day. Athletes observed and reported better sleep, less pain, more energy and faster recovery on a regular basis as a result of Grounding"

Earthing in the news

"Scientific research over more than a decade indicates that your body can be protected and helped—and that you feel better—when you electrically reconnect to the Earth."

“Research shows a promising connection between earthing and measurable improvements in these health issues.”

“Therapeutic technique that focuses on realigning your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth. Everyone should do it.”

"Evidence shows that contact with the Earth – may be a simple, natural and yet profoundly effective environmental strategy against many common health disorders, including cardiovascular disease."

"Our connection with the Earths surface seems to be more important than we think and earthing technology is an effective solution"

Our Commitment to Building a Positive Future

We at Terra Therapy are driven to make a positive impact on the planet. We donate 1% of our sales and plant 1 tree for every product sold helping to restore wildlife habitats, rebuild our soil, and reverse climate change


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