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Earthing & Grounding E-book: A Complete Guide to Grounding



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Welcome to the Terra Therapy Earthing & Grounding Guide – a concise yet comprehensive ebook on everything you need to know about tapping into the earth’s natural energy to improve your health and wellbeing.


Earthing, or ‘grounding’ as it’s also called, is a straightforward but powerful practice that is available to all of us. It essentially involves us reconnecting to nature to re-energize our bodies, find balance, and effectively combat the negative effects of our busy, 21st century lives.


Whether the concept of earthing and grounding is completely new to you, or you have some knowledge about it and would like to learn more, this ebook is here as a practical guide to support you on your health journey.


First we’ll delve into the whole concept and what happens physiologically as a result of direct contact with the earth’s surface. Next, we’ll explore the solid scientific research which backs up the amazing results that earthing provides.


Of course, you’ll be interested in learning more about the health benefits that earthing delivers – and there are many. We’ll cover each of those before sharing Terra Therapy’s wide range of products, which make earthing and grounding accessible to virtually everyone, whether you live in a busy city or a few miles from the countryside.


Finally, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about using these products to ensure you reap maximum health and wellness benefits, and we’ll answer a few common questions you likely have about earthing and grounding.


Ready to learn more? Let’s go for a (barefoot) stroll into the world of earthing…


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